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Any Suggestions--'87 5KTQ Headlight Brightness

Dear Q-Friends,

I have a '87 5000CS TQ with 90,000 miles, in great shape, running like a 
Swiss watch but I do have a pet peeve--the headlights seem really dim.  
The reflectors seem to be in fine shape, but the inside of the lenses 
seem to have a light film on them.  How do you clean these puppies?  
Also I've heard of people putting in higher output bulbs, but have 
also heard that this can cause heating problems with the wiring 
harness.  These Audi cars are so smart,  my Q might tell me that its eyes 
hurt if I put in too many candlepower.    

I don't want to do anything that's going to cause other problems with the 
car.  "These things must be handled delicately."  But I do like being 
able to see the road at night.

Has anyone had any experience with this problem, any what my alternatives 
 might be?   Danke.

'87 5KCS TQ
'93 100CS (no Q, boo hoo, wife's car, also no stick, no seat heaters, 
but great Bose audio)