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More info?

	Just got back and read Neil and Pat's post [and all the 
preceding  to which they refer].  I've got no problem whatsoever with 
guys improving our cars and making a buck at the same time.  Hey, free 
enterprise.  BUT, all you have to do is look in the archives to 
understand that to use Eric name or Scott's name with Mr. Wales name, in 
comparing what has been given to this list for free, is an exercise in 
absurdity.  Eric and Scott sell upgrades for our cars [suspension, 
turbo's, etc.] yet answer Audi mechanical questions on this list on a 
near daily basis [as do alot of others, Bob, Robert, on and on].  I found 
Peter's post regarding the chip he apparently sells as interesting as I 
found his remarks concerning "experts" and Robert's advice telling.

	BTW, I've ridden in a car [before and after] w/ Eric's suspension 
kit, AND a car [before and after] with THE chip.  Comparing the two is 
like comparing a bolt of lightning to the strike of a match.  Just my 
opinion, but I seriously doubt YMWV.