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Re: V8Q: Pad sensor and door lock probs.

> Now to my door lock probs...I had been noticing the passenger side door
> lock was starting to become very hard to turn, and the door handle was
> very stiff.  Well, sure enough yesterday the door lock went kaput.  It
> turns VERY easy now, but it doesn't lock or unlock any of the doors.  It
> still arms and disarms the alarm, though.  Are there any quick fixes for
> this problem?

Nope ... you've got to replace the gear and lock cylinder since Audi offers
a new-and-improved design that is supposed to correct this problem.  I paid
$22.38 with shipping for the parts from Linda @ Carlsen Audi and they are a
*big* pain to install for someone like myself who has large hands.  It took
me approx. 30 minutes to get the old one out and 2 hours to get the new one
in ... no tricks that I could see, just straightforward slogging.  Enjoy!

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