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Oil leak fix

Hello all,
I just had really weird encounter with my '84 5000S 
I changed the water pump on my car and timing belt.
After I was done I had a moderate oil leak, Then it turned in to 2 
drops per second, I pulled the water pump off and the guard and 
realized I forgot to put one of the lower guard bolts on and I put 
a bolt in there by hand and took it back out and low and behold,
I struck oil! I had a leak from one of the lower guard bolt holes,
so I put the bolt in, put the car back together and ran fine!
Well, I hope this helps someone else out sometime in the future,
Rich Andrews
'83 5000T (sold)
'84 5000S (finally fixed)
'85 5000S (mom's)
'86 5000S (used to be mom's I wrecked)
'88 90 (brother's)
'90 200T