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Front End Wierdness

Previously I've posted about some noises (low speed growl, etc) that seemed
tp be coming from either the front end, or tranny. That seems to have
Over the last two weeks I've noticed that as I leave for work in the AM
(that's when its quiet and I'm paying attention), I hear a sheet metal type
scraping noise as I turn the wheels for a corner type turn. Listening more
closely, I realized this is happening for virtually all turns.
Assuming that this could be a brake guard, what kind of front end slop would
cause this?  Wheel bearings would be my first guess, but I certainly don't
seem to have any other indications of worn bearings.
The only other wear points here are ball joints (gulp) and strut bearings,
The only other thing I can think of that would cause this would be pads
scraping on the disk with the angle change. It sounds more 'sheetmetalish'
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