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V8 Saga...

Thank You very much Eliot for faxing me the excerpts from the Bentley manual.

It's mentions a fuse for the O2 sensor heater.  I never thought to think that
there may be a fuse in this equation ?  (I checked the 100 and there isn't...)

Fuse #5 was blown.... replaced and it definitely runs a lot better :-)  still a 
very slight surge though....

At this point I'm going to start doing regular maintenance stuff 
like air, fuel filter, cap, rotor,  plugs and see what happens.

So you V8 owners who have surging check the #5 fuse :-)

Thanks Everybody especially Graydon D. Stuckey and Eliot Lim for 
the assistance :-)


Mike L.
90 V8 feeling much better....
89 100 Avant
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