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posters - and other stuff

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering about the old time posters again. You see I was at my friendly 
dealer the other day a they handed me a poster of the YELLOW a4. That sparked a thought 
about the earlier posters. I am hoping that one of you really cool guys or gals have one 
lying around and want to sell$$ it to me :} You know my bday is coming up in july ...

OH where can I buy a rebuild kit for my ps pump for 86 5ktq.?

And one last thing... I have added a stiff spring to the WG and by past the fuel pump. 
There is no remapping or the like going on here.  Sooo my question is ; what am I doing 
to or not getting from the engine that I should know about. You know ,timing, boost 
control, fuel delivery, and I know that the rev limit is gone- seen 7000 -not to mention 
over booost but I check the repair of things often. 


     Marty S.