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Re: The Bose Emperor Has No Clothes

in my factory manuals, the pictures all have speakers in them, but i
pried open the cover and it is blank like you say.  now, i still have
my original "sticker" for the car lying around somewhere and if it
says 6 speakers, i guess i can still go to audi and have them put
those in right?  hmmmm false advertising.. maybe they can give me an
a8 as compensation... :) :) :)

i know the brochures say 6 speakers, but they also have the disclaimer
that things will change w/o notice.  if the sticker says 6 speaker
then i think they're in trouble.


On Sat, 18 May 1996, Al Powell wrote:

> Pop your speaker grille off (pry ONLY on the front edge of the
> "perforated grille", NOT on the molding surrounding it) and see if
> you don't agree.