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MIF teams

In a message dated 96-05-20 09:41:36 EDT, you write:

>Oh well, enough of my rambling. I hope it lets you see a little better into
>the commercial side of what you are doing. Meanwhile, good luck with your
>probing and I hope you enjoy it.
>Peter Wales

......  Thanks for the post peter, I knew there had to be a regular guy in
betwixt all those posts somewhere...  Your candor is appreciated, and your
post is taken with the "I understand" your business position....  CARB
exemption is a tricky and involved (and expensive) process, I am aware,
BTTT....  Looks like more than a few "nerds" on this list are going after
that ever elusive EPROM mod....  Looking forward to the Mission Impossible
Projects....  Hopefully, few will self destruct in the process....