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     Hey what are you guys using for rims?
     I've had no problems using both 205/50/15 and 205/45/16 on the 4ksq.
     my car is also using eibach TQC springs and Koni adj struts. The 
     springs lower the car about 3/4".
     Someone asked about an adjustable ride height set-up. That's something 
     that I've been leaning towards myself, but unfortunatley I haven't the 
     time right now.
     Todd Candey  85 4ksq (soon to be 4ktq)
     USRobotics   89 90q  (our toy)
     Skokie, IL USA

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Author:  Mark Hilbush <73441.73@CompuServe.COM> at Internet
Date:    5/19/96 09:12 AM

> From: moosesport@earthlink.net (racer x) 
> Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 07:09:52 -0500
> Subject: 4Kq suspension, TB, and eurolights 
> I am looking for some springs that do not lower an '86 4Kcsq street car, or 
> an adjustable ride height set up, does anyone  have any suggestions?   
Sorry, Greg, no suggestions, but if you find any springs that are stiffer than 
stock, yet don't lower the car, I'd appreciate hearing from you.  Just don't 
have the clearance under the wheel wells w/ 205/50-15 tires on the 4KCSQ.
> I
> would like to use gas shocks as well, probably Boge's or Bilstein's (or 
> Koni's if I can afford them).   
I was leaning towards the Bilsteins, although lots of people on the list seem to
use (and are happy with) the Boges.  Can't afford the Koni's.  :(
> I am also interested in finding out more about the Throttle Body for the 
> I-5.   
I've only seen discussion on the tb for the NA I5.  Yours is the FI I5 -- 
haven't seen any discussion on this.  Again, would be interested to hear what 
you find out -- price, hp increase, etc.
Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4KCSQ