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'90 90 Quattro Coupe

I am seriously considering the purchase of a '90 Quattro Coupe.

It's black w/grey leather.  Around 70k-ish miles.  20-valve 5 cyl.  Beautiful!

I think they want $13,500 or so.  Can anyone recommend a price to negotiate
on this?  Do these ars have any specific problems, etc..?

Any information anyone could give me would be very appreciated.. I'm looking
to buy this thing ASAP...

I have a 4KQ now.  I just put over $4k into a new orig. exhaust, Boge Turbo
Gas shocks, new wheel bearings, strut bearings, clutch master cyl, water
pump, alternator, new tie-rod ends, cv joints, etc, etc.

The car is so smooth.. Anyone looking to buy??

Richard. '85 4KQ in perfect mech. cond. In need of some cosmetics & paint..

Richard A. Haroutunian
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