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Stapleton Event

Since Ben broke the ice, I better give my recollection of  the QC
Stapleton event.  Everyone did seem to have a great time, and
Deb and Bob Polich do deserve mucho thanks for being the
event masters.

As Ben said, the track is HUGE, with lots of wide turns.  Since its
on the old airport grounds, there is lots of area to run off (more
on that later).  The turns can be taken at much greater speeds
because you can drift wide.  Unfortunately, the higher track
speeds also mean higher brake temperature, and I found out
that the Coupe Quattros are, like most Audi's, very under
engineered in the brake department.  The previous events at
Second Creek didn't bother my brake setup at all (slotted rotors,
Pagid yellow pads, ATE super blue fluid), but this track cooked
them.  Had to use the run off at the end of the first straight once,
and after that the brakes never returned to normal.  My top track
speed was 105mph, nothing compared to the 911 twin turbo, but
hey, I didn't spend $100000 either.  The R1 track tires made a
huge difference in the fun factor.  You just have to remember that
you can't corner with the street tires on like you can on track tires
for the ride home. 

The A8 was a nice looking car, it was a European version with
the tiptronic.  The 17 inch wheels look pretty cool.  The service
manager (Karl) from Prestige Porsche-Audi showed up with a 30
valve V6 A4, said it just arrived off the plane earlier in the week. 
One guy took it out on the track and was very impressed with the
stock handling, and said the 30v was really smooth.

It was also great to see everybody else's cars in various states of
tune.  UrQ's were well represented, as were the S4's.  There was
a couple of 5000TQ, one 5speed V8, and I represented the
Coupe Quattros.

Looking forward to the August event out there, hopefully I can
come up with a better brake setup by then.

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro