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Re: Stapleton

Overall Stapleton was a great success. It did have its share of casualties
though. Most notable being Ben's engine :(  For those of you that have
asked about my brake mod, it worked wonderfully at the track.  I ran metal
masters with ATE blue and I ducted air to the calipers.  The Girling 60
calipers and 10.9 inch rotors do wonders for the small body car.  I was
on the track for about 30 minutes at one point and The brakes faded a bit
but not to the point that I would concern myself.  The top speeds that Ben
quoting were for the turbo cars, I was seeing 80-100 depending on the
straight and the car stopped like a charm every time. 
	 My only complaint about the track is that you don't have the
feeling that you are pushing the car to the absolute limit.  When exiting
a turn the  car is not drifting to the edge of the track but to a line of
cones or a vast amount of concrete.  Turn 1a seems to be the only
"dangerous" corner on the track with a concrete barrier lining the inside
of the turn and a nasty looking grass field the outside.  I saw 2 cars
spin on that corner but luckily they avoided all disasters.  My experience
with turn 1 in Mr. Jerritts car was quite exciting(for him and me both).
The heater control valve split open spilling coolant under the car and
onto the back tires sending the car completely sideways(I could
picture Carl's expression especially after he told me to take it easy!)
Sorry Carl, didn't mean to cause you any heart problems! You should be
happy I gathered the thing up withput hitting anything.
	On the contrary to what I said about the track having no "limit"
it is extremely safe and I want to see a lot more drivers out there in

 Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
88' 90Q
Boulder, Colorado