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Re: Bad vibes

     Does it happen only when wet or is it more noticible when wet?  Just 
     off the top of my head:  wheel bearings, steering rack, inner tie rod 
     ends?  Do you ever get a clunk when turning and braking at slow 
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire(for sale)

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Subject: Bad vibes
Author:  cnewbold@eznet.net at Internet
Date:    5/21/96 3:13 PM

Help! :-) (What else would be appropriate for the Audi 
list?!?) Some of you probably remember my tales of woe 
with my 1993 90CS and vibration/shaking coming from the 
front end.
At this point, the dealer has given up on the problem, 
literally. Today, the service manager told me, very 
bluntly, that there really wasn't anything else he 
could do. Didn't have a clue what could be wrong and 
said that what I describe is illogical and almost 
unbelievable. So now I'm terribly pissed off that I've got 
a $30k car with a problem fit for a $5k Yugo and no
help in sight...
I'll give y'all a brief recap of the problem, as I've 
"learned" more about it in the past few months. I'm 
pretty desperate for suggestions. Things to check, try, 
etc. Legal advice about where to go next would be
good, too. :-/
Given a cold car and a cool, rainy day (wet roads and 
damp car) the steering wheel will shake, as if the front 
wheels were badly out of balance, when the car is
driven at about 63 MPH. The shaking will last anywhere 
from 10 sec. to several minutes, and then subside, not 
to return until the car is cold again. If I speed up 
or slow down, the shaking increases (or decreases) in 
frequency slightly, but vanishes below 60 or above 65.
What's already been tried: new tires, wheel balancing, 
both ball joints, both tie-rod ends, lubed front calipers.
I know it's not strut bearings or sub-frame mounts, as 
these cars don't have 'em.
So, help! I'm out of ideas and am truly frustrated 
about this. I know Audis need love and attention, 
but I've been good, really!
Thanks for lending your collective ear and for your