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Strange Brake Behavior

Fellow Audiphiles,
 I know this is the place for an answer.

As I drove in yesterday's 96 degree heat my 87 CSTQ suddenly felt as if it
had no pick up. It didn't!  The boost guage read 1.1, but the car was going
nowhere.  Coincidently the brakes felt rock hard.  I turned off the A/C and
opened the windows.  It was then I smelled  what I can only describe as
phenolic (electrical plastic, circuit board material) burning.  When i got to
my destination,  it seemed that the odor was coming from the front driver
side wheel well.

Ideas?   Frozen caliper?

No loss of brake fluid or hydraulic fluid? The bomb? Handbrake definately not
After a meeting that lasted over an hour I drove home without incident.  

Not just a great car, an intellectually changing hobby !
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