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Re: Brake Rotor q.

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Ernest Wong wrote:

> Looked through the stuff(never played with disc rotors before) and found a
> big ole' U shaped metal clip thing stuck into 2 of the vanes of one of the
> rotors!

Yep... that is how they balance the rotor. Dont take it out!!! Good 
quality rotors wont have any, but some might. ATE is a good rotor. If 
they have more than one, there is a problem with the casting, and dont 
use them..

> outta my rotor with the trusty 50 use-in-one flat-blade. (Now 51
> uses-in-one)

BTW, good luck getting them out anyway, they're impossible! When we 
rebalance the rotors, we take them out first...if possible!



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