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Re:Audi Trans Am

As Eric the walking T/A  library stated,

>Okay here's the scoop as best I remember it:
>Hurley Haywood ran car 44 the lead team car in all the races.  
>Walter Rohl ran car 14 at Dallas, Sears Point, Niagra Falls, Lime Rock, 
>Mosport Park and St. Petersburg 
>Hans Joachim-Stuck ran car 14 at Long Beach, Detroit, Clevland, Brainerd, 
>The Meadowlands, Mid Ohio and Road America.  
>At St. Petersburg Hans Stuck ran car 4 which was Audi's only 3 car entry. 
This is indeed matches the records I have. I did mention
that I thought Scott Goodyear drove one car, but after checking
into it, he co-drove one of the IMSA GTO cars with Hurley
Haywood at Mosport and Road America. Goodyear wasn't
involved in the T/A effort. Also Audi only entered 1 or 2 GTO cars
in any one event.

>Audi started the season 2458lbs (Increadible for a "Ship in a bottle" 
>Car) but the SCCA increased their weight to 2470lbs by the end of the 
>season.  The engine was a all Aluminum 2 valve version of the MC engine 
>that ran 3.0 bar (Absolute) or 29psi!  Audi said that it "Only" made 
>510hp at 7500 rpm.....

The weight increased by more than 12 pounds, right? 

>How's that for info!

Truely Amazing.
Dave Lawson