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Re: 20v Turbo out there?

     A turbo swap into the 4ksq is a definate improvement. But, IMHO, look 
     into a 10v turbo motor, not a 20v. Performance issues aside, the 10v 
     is a much more straight forward swap than the 20v.
     I'm in the process of doing one now.
     Todd Candey   85 4ksq (soon to be 4ktq)
     USRobotics    89 90q  (our toy)
     Skokie, IL USA

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Subject: 20v Turbo out there?
Author:  Smierch@aol.com at ~internet
Date:    5/21/96 04:44 PM

I'm looking for information and a price range in my search for a 20v turbo.
 I'm getting quite tired of zero performance in my 4000q, and have been
saving up to drop some real engine in there.
I know that the mods will be extensive, but nowhere near the cost of a new 
car.  I love the old Q's, and would rather dump the money in my nearly 
perfect 86 4KcsQ.
Any info would be much appreciated.
TIA, Larry Smierciak