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RE: Bad vibes

If it's fine after three days either wet or dry, and on two different
brands of tire, that is not your problem. No real idea of what else it
could be. Lots of off the wall ideas, none worth anything.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Subject: 	Re: Bad vibes
>PAT MARTIN wrote:
>>Ditto.  Try a differant brand of tires.  Also make sure that your
>>rotors are 
>>not warped.
>Ian Duff wrote:
>>What brand of tires? Squarellis have a well deserved rep for flat
>>spotting after sitting for a while, eventually morphing into "round,
>>black, holds air". It could be the tire on your car develops flat spots,
>>which work themselves out as they warm up. New tires of the same brand
>>may have the same characteristics, you should change brand to ensure
>>this isn't the case. HTH.
>The car has had three sets of tires and has exhibited the same
>symptoms on each. The first were the OEM Goodyear Eagle GAs;
>the second two were (and are) Yokohama U+4s. I dumped the
>first batch of U+4s 'cause the dealer thought maybe a bad belt
>or something was causing my problem (this, after I carefully 
>explained that I'd had the same troubles with the GAs...)
>Thanks again for the suggestions! However, I don't think it's tires. I
>can let the car sit for three days and it won't so much as quiver
>if the weather is dry. Let it sit for 3-4 hours and drive it in the
>though... If a tire doesn't flat-spot in 3 days, it isn't going to do
>it in
>3 hours. Is it?