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List-friends, my 1990-200 has started to die when it's a) fully warmed 
up, then b) sits for a few minutes and c) is re-started.  

In this scenario, when I re-start it, the darn thing dies every time 
I let the RPM's drop....but only for about the first 2 or 3 minutes of 
driving.  After that, it's fine and will idle OK.  Of course, I suspect my 
friend and ours, the much-fabled Idle Control Valve.

I have tried "The Book of Bentley, Vol. #1" and it does not give any 
test procedures for that stupid valve which don't require three 
special Audi tools and a personal Valkeryie (sp) to hold them 
while you work.  Rats.

I have pulled the idle valve, sprayed the whee out of it with WD-40, 
looked for carbon buildup (none visible) and re-installed it.  No 
change.  At least it's ONE thing you can reach on this engine with 
great ease!

Any comments, suggestions...(and I say that with great trepidation, 
knowing this group) or help?

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