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Re: RS2 turbo status update?

>To: rdh@UrQ.East.Sun.COM
>From: sincatx@airmail.net (Jack Carpenter)
>Subject: Re: RS2 turbo status update?
>>Well, my mechanic says he can't stand it anymore, my car is so much
>>better than his (UrQ) . . . he has got to get oneuh them there turbos!
>>(I've got the "S4" in my UrQ).
>>So . . . what is the current state of the "RS2 turbo" world wrt retro-
>>fitting to 10V turbo motors? Are they available yet? Are they sorted
>>out? I know a coupla of y'all are working on them . . . Any price
>>points solidified yet?
>>					-RDH
>   A) Iam new to the list, so bear with me.
>   B) I can get & do have rs2 comp & rs2 stock turbos avaliable
>   C) I own a 83 qtc and have done lots of R&D on turbo aps. to this car.
>   D) In the last year I have tried 5 count them five diffrent turbos
>all custmized in varius configs.
>   E) if you would like more info. call me at 214 641-4778 after 7:30pm
>central time and i will begald to "talk with you"
>                                                   Rick