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Re: Bad vibes & AOA

> Anyhow, I'll be interested to see if anything actually comes out
> of this, other than pissing off the service manager... I've heard too
> many negative stories about AOA on this list to get my hopes up
> much. 

	I have one really good experience with Audi and AOA.
My older brother purchased a use '85 5000S from an individual 
with no warranty or anything. by the way this was purchased 2
years ago. anyways, he heard a starnge noise coming from somwhere 
in the front end about 2 months after he bought it. My dad told him
to take it to central VW/Audi, the service manager came to my dad 
said "I have good news and bad news" "bad news: you need a new 
differential for your automatic transmission" "good news: Audi
had a recall on the oil in the differential and they didn't change it
in time so we will changed your entire transaxle free for parts
(transmission) but, you have to pay for labor, (an estimated shitload)
anyways my dad knew that we did not have enough cash to cover the labor 
and he asked why the labor was not included with the recall, the manager
stated that AOA had changed the policy so recalls only covered parts
not labor. My dad promptly called AOA and had a discussion with the r
regional manager. The next day the manager call from central VW/Audi 
and said the transmission would be changed in a couple days, parts+
Well, there's service for you, buy a 10 year old car, tranny goes 
out dealer replaces it FREE!
I'm selling my Audi and buy ANOTHER Audi.
Rich Andrews
'83 5KT (mine sold)
'84 5KS (mine)
'84 CGT (was dad's)
'85 5KS
'86 5KS (mom's i wrecked)
'88 90 brother's
'90 200T dad's