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Engine noise and Vacuum pump

Hi folks,

I have just solved a problem with the terrible (permanent) noise on my 5
cyl. 88 90Q. I pulled out the push rod which drives the pump and the engine
became very quiet! Lost somewhat of the brake performance, but not to much
really. The brake pedal was not too soft with the pump runing, anyhow. I am
wandering what is the purpose of this auxiliary pump since the brake buster
is driven by the intake manifold vacuum?
Thanks for helpul answers I got on this list. No more tick, tick, tick, with
the frequency of 1/2 RPM.
I hope this may help to owners of 80/90 series to get rid of loud hammering
under the hud...

I still have a problem with brake/ABS, so if anyone knows the answer please
It seems that my ABS does not work. If I press the brake pedal suddenly,
weels block. Internal ABS switch, does not make any difference, although I
haer that a relay (or solenoid) picks up somewhere under the hud when I
press it. Indication lamp is not working as at all. The scarry part of this
problem (?) is that occasionaly brake pedal gets stuck in the higest
position, and does not work at all! I need to apply unusual force to move it
in normal (working) position, but after that it works fine. Sometimes it
helps just to release and re-apply the brake and it starts to work fine.
This problem happens only when I just start the car on a parking lot, drive
a very short distance and apply the brake first time. But again, it does not
happen more than once in 20 starts. This problem may or may not be related
to ABS, but usualy it happens during the first car start when ABS makes some
noise, like an electrical motor inside of ABS box is turning what takes
20-30 seconds in several intervals.

Vlajko Jokic - Push
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

88 90Q