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Re: <a4Q> The First 1000 Miles

David Robbins asks:
> 2.  With the sunroof open (slid back) and the windows closed, I get a lot of
> wind buffeting in the car at about 30-35 mph.  My guess is that this is a
> basic design flaw in the way the air moves around, but wanted to see if
> others experienced this.

Yes.  My Coupe does this, I know of others whose Audis do this.
The cars are so tight that if you only have the sunroof open it
is like blowing over the opening of a bottle.  The bottle is
smaller so you get a higher frequency vibration.  The Audi is
bigger so you get a low frequency vibration (about 2 -  3 Hz in
my car) just like an organ pipe.  No design flaw, just physics.
Open any other window a crack and it will go away.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe