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V8Q Manual

Someone inquired about manuals, I've aleady copied my copy for a couple of
V8Q owners on the list. The Factory Manual ONLY applies to '90 V8Q's with
tranny and 3.6 engine. For the 4.2 and stick shift you're better off with the
microfiche. Drop me an email if you're interested and I'll see if I can do a
few more. I didn't/won't make a dime off this, the copying costs $70, plus
another $11 for shipping and UPS COD.  If someone close to Boston wants to
borrow and copy the manual that's fine also.  Besides the obvious absolute
fear of angering the Audi gods (was that SNAP at 130MPH the timing belt?) by
not helping fellow V8Q owners, and the knowledge which results from fellow
owners experiences and pitfalls while doing their maintenance and repairs is
well worth any inconvenience to me. Besides..like I told the guy at the copy
place (third one I tried before a "hit") "It's NOT a copy...it's an archive
in case something happens to the original, and to be extra safe, someone else
will be holding it for me. ;)

PLEASE, respond to Cobram@Channel1.Com by email only. This is a 
borrowed ID on AOL while my BBS gets it's act together.