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Re: Stud Fees

> On May 23, 11:09am, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
> > .....common audi problem, has to do with the rigidity of the exhaust system
> > as a whole with the audis....  The first "suspension" for the exhaust is at
> > the Cat; that's a lot of weight for the turbo to hold....
To which Arun queried:
> 	So is there any preventive medicine for this malady? I have
> 	a (relatively young, at 42K miles) '91 200Q, and I'd like to
> 	avoid these problems down the road if it's possible. An additional
> 	support, perhaps?
... has the same problem been demonstrated on the 20V motors?  The EM is
completely different on those guys ... the WG is closer to the turbo, and 
the exhaust tracts appear to be more like a typical car (i.e. no internally
segmented flow ports).  If you were worried I would imagine that you could 
fashion some bracketry to connect the turbo directly to the engine block ...

I don't know if Audi did anything to reduce the problem on the 10V EMs, 
but I can tell you for a fact that the reason my QTC's motor popped studs
was because the EM warped.  Personally, I would infer from the fact that 
you can't get anything but a 2-piece replacement that it was never really
resolved.  From my limited experience, it appears that once you let the 
EM receive some extended heat treatment [read: drive the car 'til the 
motor pops some studs] and then have the EM resurfaced you will have a
long term solution.  I haven't heard a bit of exhaust leakage in the 
8 years or so since I did the work on the urQ ...

... but then again, you wouldn't get the flow improvements of the 2-piece
EM either ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)