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Re: A4 front license plate (was: Big Brother in Mass..)

Hairy green toads from Mars made David Robbins say:

> At 11:46 AM 5/17/96 -0400, Ti Kan wrote:
> >Speaking of front license plates, I'd like to take the one on my
> >A4Q off.  I tried doing so, and found that there are four ugly
> >holes drilled through the front bumper cover to mount the
> >license plate frame.  These holes are not even symmetric or
> >even.  They look like they were done as an afterthought.  Very ugly!

> I have the same license plate bracket on my A4Q. It is definitely not a
> dealer-specific item, but rather provded by Audi.  I decided that it looks
> better with the front plate than with the holes.
> -DMR.

Audi seems to provide bumpers with "knockouts" (actually, drill-outs)
for the front license plate holders. I'm getting a new front bumper
(my parking brake let go, and a creased mine), so I looked at this.
The one I'm getting does not have the holes drilled, and the guy
asked me if I wanted them drilled.



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