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RE: 4000q was going to buy

Well I went and looked at the 4Ksq yesterday.  It was an interesting place to
go, but to make a long story short I did not get the 4Ksq, no I sold the engine.
It seems he wanted the 4kaq for him self but needed a motor.  So we worked out a
trade, I get an rebuilt 911 2.2s engine with throttle bodies and injectors.  He
gets to keep his Promotive system, I get to keep my Haltech system.  

I now get to spend the weekend swapping engines in my Quantum.  At least I have
a spare.  The plus, I now have a real engine for my 914, lets see 240hp in a car
that weights less than 2100lbs.  Now thats going to be fun.  Maybe some day I
will own a Quattro, maybe I will wait until my boss sells her 200q.

Stephen Jacobs