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Re: EGT thermistor location

In a message dated 96-05-23 13:49:58 EDT, you write:

>As the subject says, I am wondering where to locate the exhaust gas
>temperature thermistor on the TQC downpipe. My first idea was to
>place it directly behind the O2 sensor on the down pipe. Maybe 2
>inches back. Mounted at this location it would be sure to fit fine. But
>we began to wonder about the effect the O2 sensor head would have
>on the EGT sensor, as the O2 sensor would be infront of it and the EGT
>would be in its shadow so to speak. Something to consider or am I
>splitting hairs on a knats a**?
> -

Well, the EM is where you want the EGT to measure, the Downpipe really isn't
giving a true reading of your temperatures....  The point was made to put it
on the turbo hot side, and although a good reading to have, not sure that is
the correct location either....  What you want to do is address the heat in
the EM, and based on turbo backpressure, pulse waves to and from the turbine,
this will give you a true reading of exhaust GAS temperatures as the name
implies....  Your EGT will be highest at the EM, so that would be where to
measure it....  Me, I'd put a lug right before the turbo/EM interface since
that would be the highest velocity of gas, therefore the highest heat....