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Re: 4000 csQ questions to post

At 02:58 PM 5/23/96 -0400, DGenetti@aol.com wrote:

>1) The car is tornado red and I have been 
>   told that my door mirrors should be red
>   and not just black plastic.  Is this right?
>   Should I paint them? Are the covers 
>   different from a '85-'86?
when i had an '87 4kcsq, the mirrors were black plastic, 'tho car was white.
i've never seen a 4kcsq w/ painted mirrors.

>2) I got a set of H&R springs and Boge t-gas
>   cartridges.  I have new axle nuts and new strut
>   bearings.  The wheel bearings feel OK.  Are 
>   there any potential surprises or problems that
>   I should be aware of before starting this upgrade?
can't help here.

>3) The gas gauge never reads full when I top off
>   the tank.  Is this a common problem.  Any 
>   advice on fixing it?
a few ways:  1) ignore it, 2) replace the gauge (was done on mine under
warranty), and 3) move the scale.  yes, the graduation markings behind the
needle can be moved up and down--the needle pivot stays in the same place.
how do you do it?  this is from memory (and about 6 years back):  remove the
instrument panel top cover.  there is a gold-tone steel rod visible from the
top or side  (foggy memory) of the instrument cluster that positions the
scale vertically.  its a lever arrangement that links into the scale.  its
very unnerving to move move this thing around with all the small stuff in
here, but it can be done.  sorry i can't be more descriptive here.  

>4) What kind of gas mileage should I expect? 
i used to get about 20 in town, about 25 on the freeway.

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