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Re: Less HELP!!

> This part sounds as if the alternator isn't working properly.  Alternators
> are 3 phase devices, using 6 diodes to connect the output from 3 AC phases
> to 1 DC output.  If 1 or 2 phases wasn't working, probably due to bad main
> diodes, the alternator wouldn't be able to generate enough current to
> charge things until the engine is turning faster than idle.  That may
> explain what you're seeing.
no,no,no.....i changed the alternator and voltage regulator already
the dealer seemed pretty clear that if the battery light did not 
come on when the ignition switch was turned that it would not 
"excite" the alternator which causes it to charge. I check all 
dash lights and traces, anything I'm possibly missing? Relays?
I already changed the relief relay and all other relays in main
fuse box, are there any that possibly could be bad under the dash

Well, sorry bout all this bandwith!
Thanks so far!
Rich Andrews

P.S. If anyone wants an' engine out of and '84 I-5 with '85K on the
clock and in good condition for $250 OBO let me know, I'll give you
the # for my buddy he owns a wrecking yard and is a very nice guy
just looking to make some money, also he has a five speed manual
transmission for $75 firm it also only has '85K miles on the clock