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Re: boost guage; manifolds

I bought Ned's III ECU upgrade for my '93 S4s and installed a temporary boost
guage (since AUDI failed to put the trip computer/boost guage in the dash
that the manual says would be there!). Ned recommended an "absolute pressure"
guage which reads 1 bar at ATM pressure and then ups under boost. His reads
in inches of Hg, but I'd rather have PSI, and the one he has is $150. Anyone
have a source for a good (small) guage in PSI or Bar, and at a less dear
price? Too bad I can't put one (or the factory one) in the useless black
rectangle in the middle of the dash!
Ned's been great over the phone with advice, and his ECU does kick in, and I
mean kick. Now to decide (after I see if I have any $$ after I pay Uncle Sam
his June moolah) the RS2 vs Ned's manifold, the later of which is internally
polished, but $275. more. Comments on this also appreciated.