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Re: bremerton long

At 10:51 PM 5/23/96 -0700, Orin Eman wrote:
>> BRAKES:  I thought my brakes were good untill about the 4th lap the first 
>> session.  I dont think I had any idea what kind of brakes it takes to
bring a 
>> 2700 lb car down from 85-90mph at full throttle.  I mean I can lock them
up at 
>> 30mph anytime I want right, WRONG.  Can you say brake fade.  After a few 
>Interesting.  I didn't notice any fade on the 90Q which has the stock
>pads and rotors and I was doing 100 at the end of the straight.  I did feel
>the ABS cut in a couple of times though in my first session.

Orin--good point.  In a discussion w/ Ned a couple years ago, he indicated
the stock Audi pads are quite good, better in fact than many aftermarket
pads, just pricey.  

Pat--when you figure out a nifty solution for you 4000, wanna figure out my
200?  oh yeah--its about 3700 lbs :)  I too felt serious fade after a few
hard laps, especially going into turn 9 (at the end of the back series of
turns, setting up for the chicane back onto the front straight).  turn 1 was
easier to set up for since the turn was wider, faster.  


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