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RE: 4KCSQ Right Rear end SAG!!

I would get out the old tape measure, and check the bodywork for bent or
asymmetrical (fender-bender in your car's past?)dimensions. Measure the
diagonals of the trunk opening, measure the perch to underside of
bodywork height of both shocks, some measurements of the shock tower
tops, etc. I bet you will find some interesting data, the tape doesn't

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Nicholas Menaker[SMTP:72074.2716@CompuServe.COM]
>Sent: 	Thursday, May 23, 1996 6:06 PM
>To: 	Quattro List
>Subject: 	4KCSQ Right Rear end SAG!!
>I too have the right rear end sage on my '86 4KCSQ.  I just replaced
>shocks with Boge Turbo Gas and the springs with the Eibach Pro-kit. 
>lowered the car about 1" up front, and 3/4" in the rear, but the RR is
>STILL lower than the other LR by about 1/2"  What is up with this.  I
>seen it on other 4KCSQ, but thought that it was due to shock strut or
>spring wear.  This should have dissappeard?  Any tips would be
>I hate it.
>Incidentally, for those of you asking recently.  I have 205/55/15
>D40M2 on the car and had a bit of rubbing as well.  This has vanished
>except for the very hard left turn in a bump corner, and then the rub
>only at the back right trailing edge.  Definitly change the shocks and
>springs to help correct, and then maybe do a little cutting of the
>edge of the rear fender.
>Nick out