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Re: '97 A8s in Columbus, Oh

Hi all,

I found myself in Columbus, Oh today and, as I remembered a post to the list a couple days ago about 
two pre-us release A8s at Midwestern, I decided to swing by...

Fantastic looking car. I did not see the 4.2 quattro, the general manager took it home for the weekend. 
I did see the 3.7 model in a medium green. Factory 17" wheels look reasonably sized at a distance, but 
as you get up on them you realize they are HUGE, then you realize the car is too... looks like an 
excellent long distance machine. The car had an automatic, polished gate and the tiptronic feature. 
Other feature that caught my eye - solar panels in the sunroof - when temp in car is at high level and 
car is off, panels power the fan to circulate air. Pretty good idea.

The dealer also had some limited literature on the car, I have not had time to peruse yet...

This dealership is going to have the pair of cars for another week, so if anyone is in the area, swing by, it 
is definately worth a look.

Todd - Akron, Oh
90 Coupe q
Other lesser beasts...

p.s. The dealership is also a Ferrari dealership. I saw the couple new ones they had and thought "You 
couldn't drive anywhere at speed without getting a ticket in that thing, I can speed along quite well in my 
discreet Coupe and not worry about federalles. I'd rather have my (an) Audi." What do you think, am I