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<5KCStq> Auto Check control unit removal

Finally, no more warning signals! Tired of facing my brake wear indicator
warning signal (and since I check my pads every six months anywho), I
removed the Auto Check unit today. I jumpered across the pins (21 and 27,
brown to brown/yellow), and now get a sassy OK when I turn on the ignition.

The Bentley doesn't give a good removal procedure for the tqs. It would be
unwise and silly to try to follow the earlier model procedure. 
1. Open glovebox.
2. Remove phillips head screw from upper cover (left side), and 10mm nut
from right side. Pull cover down, unplug glovebox lamp (now's the time to
replace that bad boy like you've intended to do).
3. Along the lip of the dash there are two phillips head screws, remove them.
4. Pull down the unit and unplug.

In doing so, I checked the part number and discovered I have a spare control
unit. If someone needs one, give me a call - bucks or what have you... These
babies ain't cheap - but I am!

For those of you ready to type away on how to check the sensors, etc - BTDT.
My open is somewhere between the sensors and the main control unit. Not
about to disturb wiring, Kostal connectors or run added wiring for this
sensor! Now if it was oil pressure, overheat, that would be a different deal

Since the ABS is now back on line, I get to drive to work today with NO
alarm lights on! (In retrospect - saying that probably wasn't a keen idea).

********************************AUDI FAN******************************
EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and not counting (damned VDO odometers)...
1.9 bar boost (charlie spring, no shim) - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches!
Maitland FL