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20V Coupe performance/Turbo swap?

I apologize if this question has been beaten to death, but last time I 
checked the archives I did not find much.

I'm very interested in purchasing a 20V coupe quattro. The only probelm 
is last time I drove one, it was quite down in power when 
compared to my modified VR6 Corrado. Sooo... some input on 
modifacations anyone has performed would be greatly 
appreciated! I'd also like some hard data on what each 
gain may offer. What kind of realistic power can be 
attained from the 20V motor in the normally aspirated 
condition? Which brings up the next nagging question, 
anyone swap in the turbo motor (S2 please!)? I'm guessing 
it's a getting everything from a larger car to fit 
type of problem and $$$$!