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200q oil pump longevity...

I'm in the process of putting together a parts list to fax to Linda tomorrow
and I wonder if I should replace the oil pump and not just the crank seal as
I originally planned.  How long do they usually last?  My car has 102k on it
(which means I've driven 10k in just three months ... ouch!) and so far as I
can tell, the oil pump was/is working just fine.

BTW, I pulled one each of the rod and main bearings just to take a peak ...
I was surprised to see that each of them looked only slightly used.  I mic'd
the rod journal and it was well within factory specs ... with a bit of luck,
I'll bet this motor will last at least another 50k before needing a rebuild.

Looks like the Audi gods always get the last laugh since I promised myself I
wouldn't spend the bucks to build a killer motor for the car until I've worn
this one out first ... <sigh>.

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