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Re: Full throttle Switch 5KS

>     I asked few weeks ago..I'll try again. Could anyone
>     on the list with an 84 5KS please lift their hood
>     and check the colors of the wires on the full
>     throttle switch. (It's the switch that is activated
>     when the throttle is fully opened.) The connectors
>     rotted off, and I need to put the wires back in place.
>     I've seen NO hint of these wires in the Bentley
>     wiring diagram for the car. There are 4 wires,
>     Brown/Black (2), Red/Brown, Yellow (striped)/Brown.
> FWIW, my '83 UrQ is:
>   Idle (closed) switch:  Brown/w Yellow, Brown/w Black
>   WOT  (open)   switch:  Brown/w Blue,   Brown/w Black
> (There are 3 wires, the Brown/w Black is common to both switches)
> 					-RDH
Brown w/yellow and brown w/red driver's side of switch
brown w/black and brown w/black passanger's side of switch
black /w red stripe and borwn w/blue run to carbon canister
hope this helps, this is for my '84 5000S
full throttle works and car passes emissions with out
a catalytic converter.
Rich Andrews