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RE: Vibration in front of 4KCSQ

My buddy at work has the 16" BBS 3pcs from his M3 out being fixed from
out of round, caused the same symptoms. Must come from the brand of car
on which they were mounted. Never mind.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Nicholas Menaker[SMTP:72074.2716@CompuServe.COM]
>Sent: 	Monday, May 27, 1996 3:32 PM
>To: 	Quattro List
>Subject: 	Vibration in front of 4KCSQ
>I have developed a bit of vibration in the front end of my quattro. 
>put some new TSW evo wheels with D40/M2 dunlop 205/55/15 tires on.  I
>noticed a little bit of vibration, but not TOO noticeable, until I
>the suspension upgrade.  Boge turbo gas and Eibach Pro kit shocks all
>around.  Now, at about 58-70 miles per hour( on the speedo, probably
>out of
>adjustment due to the tire upgrade) there appears a rather pronounced
>vibration that shakes the wheel a bit, and brings a vibration to the
>end.  After about 75 miles per hour, the vibration is gone.  I know
>some of you are saying, "Just don't drive less than 75 mph, but
>current road conditions... 
>Anyway, I have had the wheels checked, and they seem perfect. (I should
>hope so, they are brand new) The tires could be just a little bit
>shall we say, but I don't think it should be that much to create this
>vibration. I have had the tires checked and rebalanced already once. 
>this be a wheel bearing?  They SEEM fine, no play.  What about CV
>I did noticed some CV grease on the inside of the wheel surface and
>the wheel and checked the boot.  It had been put on a little loose, and
>needed refitting, but could th CV have been damaged?  How does one
>Someone wrote about a rattle in the front end, going over uneven bumps
>things.  They tracked the rattle down to shock tower top bolts not
>being on
>tight enough.  Could this have some effect?  How does one check this? 
>should it be torqued to.?  Could the larger tires and wheels have some
>effect on the vibration?  Is the increased weight, I am guessing that
>TSW Evos are heavier than the stock four bolt wheels?  And the Dunlops
>bigger and I am sure steel belted.  Could this CREATE vibration? 
>I appreaciate all the responses
>Nick out
>'87 4KCSQ  145K,