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Re: 4KQ clutch new failure mode?

> Well, did some work on the ol 4KQ race car this weekend and then took =
> her out on the 'rally road' for a brief 'test drive'. Swungaround at the =
> end of the road, nailed it in 1st and got very nicely sideways, =
> thankyouverymuch, banged 2nd, very sideways the other way, so far so =
> good, :), banged 3rd and SNAP! The clutch linkage between the clevis on =
> the clutch pedal and the MC busted clean off! Snapped at the weak point =
> where the threads on the clevis-end meet the smooth part of the shaft. =
> Sh_t. Oh well, better'n on the track and/or 100s of miles from home.....
> Anyone seen this failure mode before?

Yup.  Happened on my old UrQ, fortunately right outside my house.  Once I got
down to look at it, I found it wasn't the first time it had happened.
Someone had improvised with hardware store threaded rod and coupling.
I repeated the procedure (I think it was 1/4" rod), got the adjustment wrong
the first time and snapped it again.  The second time, it worked.

>From your description, the rod to the MC doesn't have any threads.  So the
above isn't going to work exactly, but it may give a starting point.