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RE: '90 - 90 (2) Questions.

I went for the moon, and have both Bentleys (the 88-91 80/90/CQ have
separate mechanical and electrical guides) and the Alldata CD. I think
my $200 investment will repay itself many times over, and would
recommend all three. The only investment I can recommend more you have
already figured out, namely this list! In terms of priority, I would
recommend the Bentley repair guide first, the Alldata CD second and the
Bentley Electrical guide third. I am also considering getting the dealer
parts fiche, but have held off while trying to figure out if squinting
thru a Radio Shaft 30x microscope is worth it.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Fellow Audi Philes, 
>I have (2) questions for the almighty quattro list.
>1).  1990-90 Would low freon pressure not allow the ac compressor to
>        Not even for a short time??
>2). How does the Bentley Manual compare to the All-Data CD-ROM as a
>        I am needing to purchase reference source.
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