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Dealer service satisfaction

We recently had our S6 wagon in for an oil/filter change.
About 500 miles later, the warning symbol came on. I took
it into an Audi dealership immediately, thinking there
might be a problem. The Audi dealership (in Bend, OR) told
us that it was simply a service interval flag that can
be reset.

I asked if they could do it and showed proof that the
work had been done. They said it took about a half an hour
to access the harness and setup the machine (yeah right).
I said I'd just take it back to the dealer who serviced
the car.

This past weekend, my wife calls me to the phone. She
asks if I wanted to talk to some survey company who was
performing a study of customer satisfaction. In particular,
Audi service at the dealership in question.

I responded to all of the questions honestly and the person
was surprised. I explained exactly what my history was with
this dealership and also told her why I purchased my vehicle
elsewhere. She asked if I would like a follow-up call from
the dealer. I said yes.

Today I received the call. I calmly explained my answers
to each of the question. The service person agreed that I
did have a valid complaint. I also explained my previous
dealings with his dealership (before his time) and let him
know in a constructive way why I bought my car elsewhere.
(you buy a car once but service it many times)

I also explained that I had tried both dealerships in town
and that I had problems with the other one also. I told him
that I thought his dealership was at least trying to correct
the problems - I haven't heard squat from the other. He
sincerely expressed his desire to learn from his customers.
It refreshing to hear that and also be given a fair chance
to explain how you've been treated.

There may be hope in Seattle yet...

steve powers ... '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S
spowers@spdg.com * stratos product development group * seattle, washington

"I must tell you that these are strong Bavarian beer-carrying horses, not
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