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One piece dual beam Euro Lights

At 10:27 AM 5/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>John Karasaki wrote:
>> At 09:07 PM 5/17/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> >Does anyone have the part numbers for the dual bulb headlight assemblies
>> for an
>> >85-87 4000?  I am going over to Germany in June and I would like to be
able to
>> >pick up a few pairs.  I wrote to some people before about euro headlamps
and I
>> >will write back to any individuals interested in getting a set for
>> >
>> >TIA
>> >
>> >Jim Scatena
>> >
>> Jim, I posted these part numbers to the list several months ago.  I'll check
>> the boxes (the lights are on my car) and get back to you.
>> How do you like the lights?  Would you mind telling me how myuch you pais
>TIA for the part numbers.


Here are the one piece, two lamp euro light part numbers off the side of the

Driver's side 1DJ004880-031
Passanger's side 1DJ004880-041

Fitment (Germany): Audi Coupe 8/84-7/87 and Audi 90 10/84-4/87

Good luck.

John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8