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'87 Turbo lights

I have a quick conversion question,
I have an '84 5000S that I would like to change the dual halogen
headlights to the turbo-style headlamps.
Is this possible? I can get the headlamp assembly for the '87
5KT cheep and I like the way it looks, I can also obtain the 
grill if it is necessary. I know this conversion seems pointless
but I'm going to have this car for quite a while and would like
to make it look real nice. 

Another question,
I will be keeping this car if...... IF i didn't ruin the engine
I ran it out of coolant (dad didn't reconnect water level meter
and temp gauge went out) I think I blew a head gasket, I am going
to get head redone and new gasket, compression reading is as follows-
cyl #1-100ps1 #2-60psi #3-60psi #4-30psi #5-28psi 
Anyone have any idea what this points to, I am thinking of
replaceing valves if they are messed up, if not, just ground,
Does this sound like a cracked head/headgasket (hoping) 
Another quick question does anyone know here I can obtain the tool
to remove the head bolts? I don't feel like paying Audi prices if
I don't have to, I already have to spend $65 for a head gasket.
Thanks a bunch,
Rich Andrews
'83 5KT
'84 5KS
'84 CGT
'85 5KS
'86 5KS
'88 90
'90 200T
The Andrews (Audi) Family