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Re: Clutch Pedal Noise

>      I am looking for suggestions why the clutch pedal mechanism on my '85 TQC 
>      makes a "creaky-thump" sort of noise. The noise happens after the clutch 
>      has been depressed and let out, about an inch before it comes to rest. The 
>      noise is accompanied by a pause in the pedals motion, occasionally quite 
>      long, ~1s.
>      I removed the card/foam panel around the pedals and checked there were no 
>      interference problems, sprayed some WD40 around hopefully, no luck. Is it 
>      worth bleeding the slave cylinder? Lubing the boot on the master cylinder? 
>      Or has anyone experienced problems with the spring that returns the clutch?
>      Doomsday scenario is I need to replace the clutch MC, not good news or even 
>      worse the slave....
Hi there Mike!

I'm not speaking from a lot of experience, but I'm thinking that you are 
getting some leakage past the piston seals in the MC.  Have you tried 
holding the clutch down for a long time?  If what I am saying is correct 
the length of time in the slow return will get longer ... and if the tranny 
was in gear you might detect the clutch starting to engage before you started 
releasing the clutch ...

If this is all true, then your MC needs to be rebuilt/replaced.  I don't see
the replacement to be that difficult a job, but with my recent experience on 
the 5k I've got a crazy idea ... rebuild the MC while it remains installed.
Bleed the fluid out of the system (at least to the MC), disconnect the link-
age at the pedal, and remove the circlip that holds all the MC guts in place.
I guess the one thing that might be difficult to do while the MC is installed 
is resurfacing the bore ... installing the rebuild kit should be a piece of 
cake though.  BTW the P/N for the MC rebuild kit is:

	Beck/Arnley Worldparts part number 071-7379 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)