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Re: Merc & Audi

 tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv) writes:

 T> Some time ago there was a thread on the list about Mercs & Audis being
 T> related in some way during the 70s. If I remember correctly, it was
 T> dismissed at the time as being not true.

       Someone posted that the Audi Engine in that car was
       actually a Mercedes design, but Mercedes didn't want
       to lower it's reputation by being associated with
       a lower end of the market.

 T> This was because, he said, Audis were sold in Spain under the
 T> Mercedes-Benz name, however with the 4 rings still on the front.
       Audi's may have been sold by Mercedes dealers also, but
       it's highly suspect that they were ever badged Mercyless
       Benz. As far as I know, Mercedes has never allowed it's
       name on anything it didn't produce or have direct control
       over. Only thing I've seen with the pointed star that
       weren't directly manufactured by Benz are trucks and 
       buses, but those have all Mercedes running gear, thus
       they allow the Star.
 T> this. To my knowledge there is no local assembly of MB in Spain. There
       I've seen many complete Mercedes engines (both diesel and 
       gasoline), running gear assemblies, etc that were manufactured 
       in Spain. Although, never here in the USA, just in Africa and 
       South America. They usually have 2 prices too, the German one 
       always being more expensive. Never heard of a Spanish complete
       Benz though.

... No generalization is wholly true, not even this one.

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