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>From: "Glen Powell" <gpowell@acacianet.com>

>'superchips' has used some grossly misleading and outright false =
>advertising here in the US claiming 'chip upgrades' where, in fact, the =
>chip's contents were never changed in any way whatsoever. I would avoid =
>them as well as avoiding TAP. Go with the true, experienced experts, IA, =
>it is worth the $.
>- -glen

I'm not going to get into an argument over this, but apart from the Eclipse
where we offered 255 HP and got it by mechanical means instaed of
electronic, what else have we done wrong?

Finally, your statement that we have misled and made false claims about chip
upgrades is WRONG. Our 300ZX single turbo and Isuzu Turbo kits have only
electrical parts in them, not electronic. BUT THEY ALL GIVE THE POWER WE CLAIM. 
All chips and kit upgrades come with a 30day money back warranty so if its
not upto your standards you can return it. We only claim to get more power
so be careful what you put in writing, even on the net.

Peter Wales                    pjwales@magicnet.net
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