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My Uniden Experience.....

Greetings All!

        Just as a minor follow-up to the previous message on Uniden radar
detectors.  I bought mine (RD9XL) when I was in High School, in '88.  I had
used it for about six months when I was involved in a wreck on the highway.
I tee-boned this guy who didn't see me (white car, headlights on, clear
day).  The RD9XL was on a clip that it came with clipped onto the top edge
of the dash.  The clip broke in the wreck and the detector hit the
windshield, three times (once for the dummy that pulled out in front of me,
once more for the parked cars that we hit, and a final time for the building
that finally stopped us).  Well, I'll be damned if it didn't work after all
that.  Three cars later and it still works quite well.  Granted, it probably
doesn't function as well as some of the new Passports, but hey, I only paid
$125.00 for it.  I have a good friend who also bought one at the same time I
did, and his is still kicking too.

        I do also have to agree that Uniden seems to have gone down in
customer satisfaction.  I have seen their products get cheaper and cheaper,
and I did have a helluva time getting a hardwire kit for it.  

Just my experience, 
David Ian Utley

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