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Re: Uniden failure!

One quick note about Uniden.  I recently bought the model which was tested
in Car & Driver (maybe R&T) about 6-9 mths ago in their tests of budget
detectors.  The Uniden scored exceedingly well even against non-budget
detectors.  However, it sends out way to many false alarms!!!!!
Interestingly enough, I use it next to my trustly old (orgininal version
with their STOP filtering) Escort which performs better than the Uniden
except the Escort doesn't detect Ka and laser.  


At 08:10 AM 5/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>        Some of you may remember my radar detector escapades a couple
>>months ago.  Just to quickly recap - I got a Uniden LRD6199SW last
>>Christmas.  On a recent caravanning trip with two 5KCSTQs from Chicago to
>>Flint, I had the Uniden in one car, and my old Bel 826 in the other car. 
>>There were so many radar traps, that we were able to verify very
>>definitely that the Uniden was doing NOTHING.  The Bel consistently gave
>>me a mile or two warning.  
>>        I returned the Uniden for repair, and after a 5 week wait, I got it
>>back today "No Trouble Found"!!!!! 
>>        I guess that just confirms that Uniden makes junk (and they don't
>>serve the junk-buying customers very well either.) Initially, the store
>>that sold it to me sounded like they weren't going to help me at all, but
>>today they said they would exchange it for a Bel.  They have the 525 and
>>the 560.  Which one would you guys recommend? 
>>BTW, I think it was Car & Driver that recommended the Uniden as 
>>virtually equal to the Bel in their last detector test last fall.  I 
>>think I'll send an email to C&D about this failure of Uniden.
>>Thanks very much.
>>Graydon D. Stuckey                                                            
>>Flint, Michigan   USA
>>'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage II                           
>Well, don't be so fast Graydon.  I have been extremely well satisfied with
>my old Uniden RD-9, which was rated highly way back when and never failed
>to perform as advertised.  Uniden could have slipped, but...I was thinking
>of going back to them after my recent purchase of a Bel 745STiPlus, the #1
>rated unit.  After about two hours on the road, it definitely gave up the
>ghost!  NADA!  It will go through it's self test as if everything is okay
>if you turn it off and on, but nothing is really working.  I teseted it
>against the old RD-9.
>I talked to Bel yesterday and they said to send it back for a replacement. 
>BTW, bought it from Smile Photo, advertising in the back of C&D.  At this
>point, not a high recommendation for service, but we shall see and I will
>report to the group later.  
>For the two hours that the Bel worked, it appeared to be all that it was
>reported to be...we'll see with a replacement.  Actually, I may try to work
>a deal for the new 945, which is the battery powered version of the 745.
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